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Posted on September 6, 2013 by PamelaEwen

In the next few days and weeks I will post facts relating to the trial in An Accidental Life, as well as more information about the rights of infants born alive during an abortion. Readers who are particularly interested in this might want to read the ‘author’s note’ in the back of the book before starting the story.

Why I wrote this book: Several years ago I was watching television and came upon an interview with registered nurse, Jill Stanek. Jill was a nurse at a hospital in Illinois, and was talking about testimony she’d given before a Congressional Committee in 2000 that infants born alive during late-term abortions are sometimes left to die. In the hospital in which she worked, Jill said, these infants were placed in a soiled utility room until they passed away. When they were aware of this, Jill and other nurses often held the babies in their arms while they struggled to breathe, until they died. Jill’s testimony is quoted in the author’s note mentioned above. Jill’s testimony was supported by many others, including another nurse at the same hospital. A Congressional Report was issued on the testimony, and it’s available to the public. (Report 107-186/107th Congress, 1st Session/House of Representatives.)

I cannot describe my shock at hearing this. I’d never considered the idea of an infant being born alive during an abortion. I’ve since found that most other people are unaware of this, too. And even if the thought had occurred to me, I’d have thought that any doctor would have rendered medical assistance immediately to a child born alive.

Not so. I researched the charge and found that the facts were worse than anyone can imagine. I found that there are many people, and organizations, who believe that a born-alive infant remains bound by the mother’s right to choose, even after birth. In a later blog I’ll talk about what the Supreme Court has to say about this. I think that will come as quite a surprise to many.

Today, there are many such children alive because some member of the medical (or otherwise) team obtained critical care right away, but many thousands more have died as described above and in the Congressional Report. Testimony of the witnesses that testified before Congress in 2000 resulted in a federal law–the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. But that law covers only federal institutions and hospitals. States must adopt that law, or enact their own, in order to protect those innocent lives. And yet, as of this date only 26 states have adopted such protection. Additionally, enforcement is poor. For example, I challenge anyone to find an abortion clinic outside of a hospital that has neo-natal intensive care equipment required for a born-alive infant to fight for his or her life.

And don’t think that late-term abortions are automatically limited. Courts have held since Roe v. Wade that late term abortions, regardless of possible viability, are permitted when required for the mother’s health. This includes a wide range of reasons, which I’ll discuss in coming blogs.

Regardless of your thoughts on abortion, what happens to infants born alive during abortion are one of the darkest secrets in our country today. Help get the word out–we must speak for those who aren’t able to speak for themselves.

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