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Driving Ms. Pamela – Rising from the ashes

Posted on 2011 09, 22 by PamelaEwen

Hello friends – If you were following our Dancing on Glass tour in August, you may remember that we were rudely interrupted by the disappearance of my computer half-way through! Whoever took my computer also took our little touring car. So, take a look. How about this one for a replacement?

Jimmy and new touring car?

After the earthquake (okay, people in California stop chuckling), and driving parallel to Hurricane Helen down the coast, we ended up on Friday, August 26th in Augusta, Ga. Lots of history here. Had a booksigning scheduled that night at Lifeway, but spent the afternoon in the Augusta History Museum. It’s a great spot–there was a steam passenger train from the 1920′s like the one my grandparents rode in the 1920′s. I got on and sat in one of the seats for a while, imagining.

Lifeway in Augusta

Book signing - Dancing on Glass

The booksigning in Augusta was great. Hal Perdue, the Manager, had balloons to welcome everyone, and wonderful food, and punch–his own recipe. Here’s a picture of Hal and me and all those balloons. Hal had copies of the Moon in the Mango Tree and Secret of the Shroud as well as Dancing on Glass. Had some great conversations with readers! Hope everyone enjoys the books.

From Augusta we went to Buford, Georgia where I had a signing at another Lifeway store. Met hurricane Nora there–that’s Nora St. Laurent who hosts The Book Club This is a really lively site for book clubs and authors to meet and chat. I highly recommend it–Nora lights a spark! Some of Nora’s local book club members came by and I loved meeting them. We had a drawing for “River Road Recipes” there and Marilyn won. Those are the favorite recipes for my heroine in Dancing on Glass, Amalise Catoir.

Now–I’ll share with you her favorite recipe. (Which happens to be one of mine) Red beans and rice. You can do this in a crock pot, even better. Cover the dry beans with water with about 2 inches above the beans to spare. Add chopped onions, garlic, sausage (Amalise likes it hot!), a few bay leaves, salt to taste, and a ham hock. Put the crock pot on high for six hours, or low for eight or nine hours. About one hour before finishing up, add one tsp. of cumin, and two or three tablespoons of butter and stir until the butter melts. Then put the top back on the pot for another hour, make the rice, and serve. The butter somehow binds the gravy, makes it thick and really good. Yum-let me know if you like it.

Now that I’ve risen from the ashes, I’ll continue the Driving Ms. Pamela blogs again soon. Until then – Pamela.