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Musing on Writing

Posted on 2010 07, 31 by PamelaEwen

Sometimes I wonder if other writers have organized methods of writing, and whether they write one book at a time, and how they know when they’ve come to the end, and how they feel about exposing themselves in their words.

Faith and Reason

Posted on 2010 07, 17 by PamelaEwen

Has God hard-wired our brains with a built-in moral compass?

I think so. I believe that we are born with some basic moral instincts. It’s interesting to me that so many child psychologists agree that children evidence this at a very early age, long before they can reason, or be taught.

Eyewitness – How do we know?!

Posted on 2010 07, 03 by PamelaEwen

Last week I wrote that Christianity is the only world religion based upon knowable facts. That is, it’s the only one for which witnesses have left written testimony that crucial events on which the religion is based actually occurred. In the case of Christian beliefs, these are the life, death, and–especially–the resurrection of Jesus.